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Matt Kenseth

Fast Facts

Birthday: March 10, 1972
Hometown: Cambridge, WI
Residence: Mooresville, NC


Cup Wins: 38
Xfinity Wins: 29
Cup Top 5′s: 167
Cup Poles: 17

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Matt’s Toyota Camry Race Cars

Meet Matt Kenseth

How Matt’s Fans Describe Him

Matt Kenseth Word Cloud, Experienced, Steadfast, Champion, Consistent


Matt Kenseth’s victory in the 2012 Daytona 500 placed the driver into an elite group of only nine drivers in the history of NASCAR who have won the famed race more than once. Not only did Kenseth earn his first Daytona 500 in 2009, but when he earned that title, the Cambridge, Wisconsin native became one of only five drivers in the sport’s history to win a Cup Championship, the Raybestos Rookie Award and the Daytona 500; placing him in the elite company of Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, David Pearson and Richard Petty.

In addition, during his 17-year Sprint Cup career, Kenseth boasts an International Race of Champions (IROC) title in 2004 and he has qualified for the Chase for the Cup in eight of its nine seasons. Kenseth has visited victory lane in the Cup Series on 31 occasions, scored 151 top-five finishes, 270 top-10s and 13 poles. Kenseth took home the top honors in 2003 as the Sprint Cup Champion.
Kenseth has also collected 29 wins in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series, along with 16 poles in his 283 races in the series.

Born and raised in Cambridge, Kenseth began his racing career at the age of 16, winning his first feature event in only his third race. By the age of 19, Kenseth was racing against the likes of Dick Trickle, Ted Musgrave and Rich Bickle in the Wisconsin late model ranks. Kenseth got a fateful call in 1997 from a fellow Wisconsin racer, Robbie Reiser, who asked Kenseth to drive for his team in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, and from then on, Kenseth took the NASCAR world by storm. Kenseth was named the 2000 Raybestos Rookie of the Year and just three years later earned the 2003 Cup title.

Away from the track, Kenseth enjoys spending time with his family as well as cruising around on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan and enjoys snowmobiling back in Wisconsin during the off-season. Kenseth is married to his wife, Katie, and has three children, Ross, Kaylin, and Grace.


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James La Luzerne

Good luck Matt. Fans from Green Bay, we’re rooting for you.


Will Gordy be trading his Ford for a Tundra now? Good luck this season!
Rich G

Don Petrie

Best wishes for an awesome 2013. Biggest fan in Upstate New York!!!!

Bill Arends

Good luck this year Matt!!!! I will still follow you!!!!!! Iowa fan!!!!!!

Barbara Woolf

Good luck this year follow you over to gibb from calif.

wira gunawan

Best of luck this year Matt…..Indonesia Fan!!


Another Daytona win would start the season off perfectly. Can’t wait for the season to get started. Exciting times to be a Matt Kenseth fan!


Break a leg- this is positive to you, Matt, from a fan who remembers how the Packer’s kicked our butts with Paul Horning and Lombardi ( from the Giants) during the chairmanship game. Green Bay, that ‘s not even a neighborhood in one of NYC burrows!

Tate Marks

GO MATT!! Myself and my fellow Home Depot associates wish you the best for a winning season!!


Matt, Finally a veteran racer with a great attitude. Congratulations and good luck from THD #4023 and a fan for life. KC

Betty Corbett

NASCAR GRANNY wishes you great success in Cup and Nationwide.
I’m so happy my racing withdrawal is ending.

John Matthews SCCA Chicago

We are all hoping that this year is the year you school some of you’re cohorts. We wish you the best of luck and well see you when you in Chicago.

Lakin Rosier

I wish I knew why no one could hang onto your back bumper in the Unlimited. Then again, so do the other 18 teams out there.

Steve Panawash

I need to replace my #17 blow up car with a new #20 Dollar General for my living room. Good luck Matt and I know you’ll fit right in with Mr. Gibbs racing. I like your Roger’s #12 jersey.

Dana James Goodman

We miss you back at Roush-Fenway already, Matt! ….YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE, MATT! WHY?! WHY DID YOU GO TO THE DARK SIDE?!?

Joe (White Lightning)

Yo matt I’m glad Home Depot got a hard nose driver! It would be sweet if you were running around the track with the orange homedepot car, it took me a minute to even notice the homedepot on the back of the dollar general car! Lowes is a big eye soar to see it from anywhere! Get Some! Joe(White Lightning) homedepot#0470 in Arizona

M.Smith Folsom Ca.

Hey Matt we will see you in Las Vegas, you’re gonna win it!

Skip Kazas

Go gettum Matt Store 650 The Rock Depot Skip

Tim Doke Eagle, WI.

Congratulations on your Vegas win, I knew you’d fit in perfectly at JGR.

Jon Krans

Congrats and good luck this year from Oshkosh!


Shapiro’s the man! What a team!

Papa Dale

Matt Great why to start the new year keep it up

Your best Fan in New Mexico


Congratulations on another win Matt. Good to FINALLY see a winner back in the #20. The last four years have been miserable without one !!!

Chad in SLC Ut

Nice wins at Vegas and Kansas!! Looking forward to an awesome year


Congrats on win # 2. Big fan!!! My biggest problem now is explaining to my 3 year old why im not rooting for 17 anymore. Its a good problem to have.


Matt, hang in there… after reading about the Kansas penalities handed down to JGR, Jason and the #20. This is one fan that knows, that rod was NOT anything deliberate! I’ll be pulling for you and the entire team,hoping and praying that someone on the appeal board has a clue as to what this one rod REALLY meant to the #20′s engine. Good Luck..I’ll be rootin’ for you guys!!


You know that if the penalty was placed of the 48 or 88 teams, they would not have been as bad


Hated to see you leave FORD but its not the car its is the Driver. Been a fan since you started and will be until you quit driving. GO # 20

Dr. Jimmy

Matt- you have been my favorite driver for a long time. A couple of years ago Joe took the time to sign autographs for my family and myself. He was just the nicest guy you could meet and he became my favorite race team owner. The two of together was awesome for me. I know with the fines might get you down. But with You, Joe and the team, I think you can overcome anything. It will be a bummer if the appeals don’t go your way. But you guys will overcome, and have no doubt that competing for the championship this year and years to come!!! Alright- enough sappy junk- be watching and rooting…



Charlie Loud

Matt, sorry for the bad luck Saturday, but keep up the good driving! I like your gentleman way of driving. Except for the several time you have been taken out of the race by accidents you are doing a hell of a job!!!

erick correa

best wishes crew from puerto rico u r the best


I am so proud to be fan of yours!! Have been for many years and plan to be for many more…go get that Championship this year!! You and Jason make a great combination.. A VERY DEVOTED FAN!!!


Have been a fan since you started – lots of luck in the Chase. Hoping thi will be the year i see you win @ Dover. Go get em!

Patrick I.

Matt and Coach, THANK YOU for showing some Love for the big guy up stairs!!! Nice to hear someone give credit to God for his blessings. Never really been a fan till the last few weeks when Ive heard you give thanks to God! You’ve converted me from a 48 fan to a 20 fan just with that bud! Major respect man! You’ve gained a new fan. Go out there get the 2013 Sprint Cup buddy Let em know who’s in charge! ” If God be for us who can be against us”

mark ingalls

My wife and I have been a fan of yours since your first start in winston cup.
You are by far the best of the best. We feel that RFR put all his eggs in
the wrong basket and he must know it by now. JGR is good for you and
for all your fans. We love the fact that you guys give a prayer at races as
we do for you also. Our goal know is meet you in person. You will win the
chase this year. We will be watching.


Longtime fan in South Carolina. We may not be the loudest guys in the stands, but you never were a loudmouth guy on the track. You just take care of business week in and week out. Great start in the chase. Proud of you and for you. Go gettum!

Patty Tesch

Longtime fan who watched you since the early days in Wisconsin! LaCrosse races & 151 Speedway.Glad to see that you have a great team & great sponsors to get you there! You’ve come along way!!! Enjoy the ride ! You deserve it! Rock on!!!


Mr calm cool an collected!!!!!


I have a Matt Kenseth jacket that I’m trying to find out what year it’s from. It’s the #17 and it has a black body and gold sleeves and collar. Every other one that I’ve found has a gold body and collar and black sleeves. Can anyone help me out????


Matt, you have become the first driver in 20 years of watching NASCAR for me to become a FAN of. You are a class act, and race such a patient race. No matter the setup, your cool head is amazing to listen to with your spotter. Drive to the limit of whatever you have, and are so consistant. JUST HATE THAT YOU DONT GET ANY RESPECT WITH THE MEDIA. …WHEN YOU ARE LEADING, THEY TALK OF OTHERS, WHEN YOU GAIN 20 PLACES THEY DONT MENTION YOU… BUT BELEIVE ME, I AM WATCHING EVERY MOVE, AND YOU HAVE PLENTY OF RESPECT HERE IN TEXAS..

Marty Tintinalli

Hello Matt: You have Been my wife’s favorite driver since 2001 when I took her to her first race at MIS in 2001.
She has all kinds of swag etc.
Unfortunately she is in ICU at Brampton Civic hospital right now.
That’s Ontario just north of Toronto.
Don’t know how or when you get these messages but I know right now your on the eastern swing. She’s always dreamed of meeting you.
I know you can’t respond to all the requests you have.
However a visit may be just the thing needed to get her on the road to recovery. She can”t except flowers because of where she is.
I really want something to lift her spirits. After beating mini strokes. Now she’s diabetic and it turned into pneumonia. She’s normally a very vibrant person. It’s very hard to see her this way.
All in about a month found out she had high blood pressure, Diabetes,and was let goof her job after 30 years. Then she had a series of mini strokes.
Yes Matt: I just want to cheer her up. Maybe it will give her a reason to get better.
BTW I’m a fan as well the email address is just who I am.
I hope you get this in time she really needs some cheering up.
Marty Tintinalli


It’s time to turn up the horse power, these cars should be beating the rest of the feild on mile 1/2 tracks. Get the right set up and drive like you stole it!!!

frank l. Suriano

Here’s to a safe prosperous season… and to emerge the CHAMPION. God bless you matt and win win win…..frank l. Suriano.

Mark Valdez

Matt, I have been a fan of yours for at least 10 years or more. Congrats!! on the WIN at Bristol!!! WAY TO GO!!!

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