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Joe Gibbs

Given his unique rise to the top of two different sports NFL Football and NASCAR racing, Coach Gibbs is often asked to speak and share his personal testimony with crowds. Men especially want to know what it takes to be “successful” and “relevant.” The Game Plan helps men to find true success and relevance in their own lives. However, it is less about Joe, than it is about who men are, why they were created and what they can really do with their lives.

As Head Coach of the Washington Redskins NFL football team, Joe Gibbs led the team to three Super Bowl Championships in four tries. As a NASCAR team owner, Joe Gibbs Racing has won three NASCAR Cup Series Championships.

Joe Gibbs was born November 25, 1940 in Mocksville, North Carolina. He is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame due to his success as coach of the Redskins. During Joe Gibbs’ first tenure with the Redskins, from 1981-1992, he led them to eight playoff appearances, four NFC championships, and three Super Bowl titles. During Coach Gibbs’ second tenure with the Redskins (between 2004-2008) he led the Redskins to the NFC playoffs in his second year back.

Coach Gibbs starting coaching as an offensive line coach under Don Coryell at San Diego State from 1964-1966, held the same position at Florida State from 1967-1968. He then served under John McKay at USC from 1969-1970 and Frank Boyles at Arkansas, from 1971-1972. In the pro ranks he served as an offensive backfield coach for the St. Louis Cardinals, from 1973-1977, again for Don Coryell; was offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in 1978, under McKay, and rejoined Coryell with the San Diego Chargers for the 1979 and 1980 seasons. With Gibbs as the offensive coordinator for the Chargers, the “Air Coryell” offense set numerous records, including becoming the first ever to average more than 400 yards per game of total offense. In 1981 Redskins’ owner Jack Kent Cooke gave Joe Gibbs a chance to become a head coach after 17 years as an assistant coach.

As Joe finished up coaching, his good friend Don Meredith began exploring NASCAR for opportunities to race and Joe Gibbs Racing was launched in 1991. With major sponsors like Home Depot, FedEx, Mars Candy, Coca Cola and Toyota, Joe Gibbs Racing is a powerhouse which has won three Cup championships. His Nextel Cup team includes Kyle Busch, Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin. The main race shop is in Huntersville, NC, employing over 450 and occupying a 250,000 square foot facility.

Serving others through Christian ministry has always been close to Joe Gibbs’ heart and in 1986 he helped found Youth for Tomorrow, a residential youth home, private school, and counseling center for at-risk teenage girls and boys in the Washington metropolitan area. More than 800 young people have been touched by the center.

Joe is also the author of Fourth and One and Racing to Win.

Coach Gibbs lives in North Carolina. He is married to Pat and has two sons, JD (Melissa) and Coy (Heather), and eight grandchildren.


paul mckenneymckoo

My friend lives up the street from from you in lake norman. I have an idea to make NFL Players to play safe. Only U can make it work to keep the game exciting and safe for all and play what it is and entertain for the tha fans,NFL and networks. I can make a difference When I have the chance to share. EX player tryout of the USFL Washington Federals @NFL Dolphins. EMAIL BACK TO
Thanks Coach


I do nascar setups and would like a tryout so that maybe i can get a job doing setups?


TK_KIlroy Better Setups Better Racing

nascar fan

Well, we are picking up right where we left off last year…engine failure, engine failure, engine failure. I cant believe it……

PLEASE, b4 we lose the entire season, DO SOMETHING……..

rodney west

i would like to say hello to coach gibbs i remember meeting him in northern new jersey when he was coaching the washington redskins, he still my favorite coach whether it is in nascar/the NFL … HAIL TO THE REDSKINS AND HAIL TO JGRACING TEAM..good luck denny hamlin coach gibbs racing team..2013 nascar season


rodney west


William Paul

Morning Joe !! I hope you get this. Im just a Fan of Kyle’s . I would love to be in the meeting with Kyle and his crew to discuss what happened. Here’s my take. We dominated the entire race. But in the end (as usual) We would have been in third . Hamlin and Brad should have focused on the finish line , because they were the ones to take 1st and second. The 18 car would been third. Did Denny and Brad have newer tires, Did Kyles engine go away…… Denny just drove away from Kyle…… What does the crew think ? What does the spotter think ? Should we have pitted and Gave Kyle new tires ?? Im not picking on no one person….. I feel our strategy At the end , is way off… Hence, Kyle dominates the whole race, but finishes in the top 10. Simply put Joe, This Kid can DRIVE !! I feel you have a winning combination here….. And I mean , a Title in the end. Call me, the counselor, because Im on the outside looking in. I truly believe, with some fine tuning, This team, has got it going on !! Thanks for your time. IF, I were invited to the meeting, I feel I could Help !! Have a Great Day ! Bill

Satvir Singh Pabla

Looking for a driving position for coming up weekends. Please let me know when you get a chance.


kyle busch needs to start fightin back enough letting people like carl edwards & jaun pablo spinning him out should be some type of penalty for those obvious intentional boots in the rear sick of it he does it & they get after him what’s the deal???????


Hello Mr Gibbs I need your help my husband bought a truck that you made so many of (he is one of two in the puget sound Seattle) but he needs to
ask about a part that he needs that you made yourself for the truck so can someone email me so we know where to get it
there isn’t a person goes by that say’s wow what a truck they love it

Pastor Don Dolence

Coach Gibbs; The television opening on Fox for the Cup Richmond race used witch craft and tarot cards with a number of drivers featured. As a Christian, I hope you can influence Fox to stop that sort of Satanic reference in our Sport. I am a long time NASCAR fan, but I turned off the race 2 minutes into their opening and did not return. You know better than me, without the fans there is no NASCAR! I pray this can be resolved.

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