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Carl Edwards

Fast Facts

Birthday: August 15, 1979
Hometown: Columbia, MO


Cup Wins: 25
XFINITY Wins: 38
Cup Top 5′s: 115
Cup Poles: 16

Carl’s Toyota Camry Race Cars

Meet Carl Edwards

How Carl’s Fans Describe Him


Over the last 14 years, Carl Edwards has had a storied NASCAR career moving his way from the Camping World Truck Series through the XFINITY Series and into NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series. Along the way, he has captured two XFINITY Series Championships and placed himself in elite company ranking fourth all-time with 38 XFINITY Series wins. He also won the coveted Sprint All-Star race in 2011.

Edwards completed his first year with Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) in 2015 driving the No. 19 Toyota Camry in the Sprint Cup Series. He finished the year by qualifying for his ninth Sprint Cup Series Chase. He scored two wins for Toyota and JGR, celebrating victories in two of NASCAR’s crown jewels, the Coca-Cola 600 and the Southern 500. His impressive resume in NASCAR’s top Series now includes 25 Sprint Cup victories, 115 top fives, 202 top10’s, and 16 poles.

Edwards is considered one of NASCAR’s top drivers and is among the most respected, recognized and strongest competitors. He nearly claimed his first Sprint Cup championship in 2011, tying for first in points, but losing in the tiebreaker based on number of wins. Growing up in Missouri, Edwards began his racing career in 1994 at the age of 15 driving four-cylinder cars and winning four feature races on the tracks around Missouri and Illinois in the four-cylinder series.

In the first 10 years of his career, Carl Edwards accumulated two NASCAR-sanctioned track championships, three Rookie-of-the-Year honors, and over 75 feature wins while racing on both dirt and pavement tracks across the country. The drive and determination that Edwards showed in those 10 years launched him into a successful NASCAR career that continues into 2016.

When he’s not on-track, Edwards enjoys the outdoors, fitness and farming. He is also passionate about his philanthropic activities which include working with Speedway Children’s Charities.


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Tom Buck


That was fantastic driving in the duels, can’t wait to see you on Sunday, just awesome. I have been of yours ever since you came onto the scene in the trucks. Look forward to a lot of back flips this year.



Welcome to JGR. It was time for a change and you are just what the team needs. Now go win some races!!!!!!!! Love ya Carl


This is your year 2015 champion

Kim Moniz

I can’t read all of Carl’s descriptive words, but I’d like to add AWESOME and LOYAL if they’re not already there! I’ve been a fan since day one of his rookie year and can’t picture myself not being a loyal fan forever! A substitute teacher to deserving the title of future Nascar Hall of Famer- America is an amazing country and Carl a natural racecar driver!!!! Carl’s poster is proudly displayed in my classroom (I easily changed the first 9 to a 1 since I’ve not been able to find a new poster) as someone to look up to as a successful driver, a devoted family man, and a charitable citizen. I’m proud to call myself a Carl Edwards fan.


he is awesome, my favorite

S.J. Wilson III

I’m glad to see Carl Edwards leave Roush/Fenway Racing and get picked up by Joe Gibbs Racing. Even though I am a FORD Guy, I still hope Carl wins as many as he can to become the 2015 Nascar Sprint Cup Champion in his new #19 Toyota Camry sponsored by COMCAST. Joe Gibbs has great race teams, great Drivers and was able to put Matt Kenseth with a team and car that could win a championship he is a great Owner. I hope Joe Gibbs can do the same thing for Carl Edwards. Jack Roush couldn’t do it.

I’m pulling for you Carl!!! Win this year’s 2015 Sprint Cup Champion and make everyone a
be leaver that you have always had ChampionTalent in you, you just never had the team, pit crew, crew chief, car, engine and
owner to make you a championship.
S.J. Wilson III

William Barr

Carl is my favorite driver I have followed him from day one. GOD BLESS A championship is on it’s way

Scott Lively

Typos valor = voice recognition = VERY BAD. call good job for standing up in a meeting your mistake. you took the 5 out & he had a winning car? You did too? at least you stood up and said it was your fault if only more drivers had that much class good job Carl


Sorry Carl!! I won’t be rooting for you any longer. When you go back to racing an American car, I’ll be one of your fans again. Bob

missy hash

I just want to say thank you Mr. Edwards for being such a gentleman. I had my daughter ask why does he take his glasses off when that man talks to him and I told her it is that he gives respect to who is talking to. Now she knows what her mom says to look at people in the eyes.

Jackie Fisher

U r my favorite driver. I hoping 2 make the Talladega race. Please win 4 me, it will probably b the only time I will get 2 GO. I have several illnesses & can’t travel a lot. But one of my bucket list is 2 c u race & win. I am looking foward 2 your flip. I have 1 thing 2 day GO CARL GO!!!

Bill Clark

Carl. It’s strange you not pushing a Blue Oval (the only car for me) around the track but I remain a staunch Carl Edwards fan who in my opinion was screwed out of the 2011 Sprint Cup Championship or at least Co-championship. Get up on that wheel and win it this year. Bill Clark, Florence Kentucky.


I Am a carl edwards fan . I thought when he switched teams he would start racing again but now he is told not to race again. I’m very frustrated


I’ve been a fan of Carl Edwards since I heard about the “business cards” (his entrée to “a ride”). I thought it was clever, inventive and charming. I still think he’s smart, inventive and charming as well as one of the best drivers in NASCAR!! Joe, make sure he has what he needs please, thousands of Carl’s fans are counting on you!!!!!!


I have yet to meet Carl Edwards, there is nothing I would love more than to get his autograph. My closest encounter with Carl would have to be a couple years ago at Charlotte infield after the race when we almost hit head on with golf carts because of a truck blocking our view. I relive that moment over in my head. I should have jumped off my cart and in front of his to meet him. Instead we just looked at him in shock as if he was that close! Will Carl be doing any appearances at Talladega in May?

Kim O'Conner

Husband and I celebrating our 10 year anniversary and was going to celebrate by going to the race in Kansas on May 9th. Wondering how to go about getting Pit Passes?? I am a huge Carl Edwards fan. Started when I went to my first race which was a truck race at Kansas. He was running last in a white truck my husband asked me to pick who I thought would win and I chose Carl……………and guess what?? He went from last to first. He’s been my driver every since. Information would be helpful!! Thank you!


Why is Carl’s prize money always lower than most all the other drivers, even if he finishes ahead of the in the race?

Bob Lockhart

Dear Carl,
It looks to me like you are making great progress. That’s not sarcasm. Your not taking out Jeff Gordon last week was brilliant driving. You were in contention then. You could have taken him out and had it look like a, “Racing deal.” This week you were doing even better, but got punted. Hang in there! Your car is showing speed. You don’t seem to be pressing too hard as you admitted you were earlier this. Relax, enjoy. You’re a great driver, and your comfort with your team is growing. Bob


My 18 year old daughter coded delivering her son, they revived her and delivered the baby on June 25, 2014. We spent most of last year in the hospital (2 defibrillators and 3 heart surgeries) a decision is still being made regarding a heart transplant. Due to this and other issues closely related I haven’t been able to work and don’t have the funds to go to the race. :-( Therefore, I would like to know if Carl will be making any public appearances that I could get to. At least, I’d be able to see him.
Thank you,


my mom is gonna be at the race in I think kansas this weekend and I was just wondering if there was anyway carl edwards could wish her a happy mothers day from her son

Joel Zimmerschied

You are my favorite driver and so far this year it seems that you or your car don’t have the right setup!!!
What is the problem?
As a fan, is there something I can do to help you???
I have lost my voice several times yelling at the television.
Would really like to hear from you.
Thank you for your time.


Toyota stinks, so does Carl. Drive American


Toyota has several MFG plants in America you dolt… employing MANY MANY MANY Americans…


Toyotas being manufactured and assembled in Indiana, how American do you want it to be? Also, the race cars are just representations of the street cars, the basic race cars are all made in the USA, then the cars get wrapped with whatever color scheme, numbers and emblems. The only real difference is the motor. TRD and JGR have the best package going. Hendricks domination is done, they just 1 step in front of Rousch-Fenway. Carl made the right move at the right time.


Congrats!!! Class act enjoy the moment, stay blessed!!

David Brenneman

Congratulations! Great to see the back flip again! You on Twitter?


You won’t post my comment, Toyota is not American, neither is Carl, Denny joe, any of you. Go America,

Joel Zimmerschied

WOW !!!!!
I will keep the prayers going out to you everyday!!!!!
Congratulations on the win!!!!
Never give up and keep your right foot on the floorboard…!!!!
Your fan,

Sally Swan

Carl is my guy. Great win last Sunday.

Kathy Eaves

My husband is a pastor of a small church in Laurel Ms and loves NASCAR racing especially Carl Edwards. We are about to celebrate 30 years of marriage June 20, 2015, and I would love for him to have an opportunity to meet Carl Edwards. Since he pastors a church, we very seldom get away for any length of time. We are planning a trip the week of June 15 through June 18 to go to Chattanooga Tn with our son who is 12 and I would love to be able to surprise him if possible with an opportunity to meet Carl. Please email if this would be possible. If not at this time maybe some day. God Bless you!

Deb Barr

Classy, honest, focused, professional. I noticed though he has not been wearing his wedding ring, nor has he said before the last 2 races “I love you Kate.” Hope everything is ok with him. Need more drivers with his class and compassion.

frank holland

Always been a fan of yours not so much of joe gibbs your always a stand up guy hated to see u crash out you & jimmy are my faves antron brown & matt hagan my fave nhra wish dodge was still in nascar u remind me of mark martin no cheap shots ever hope u or jimmy win championship love to see the backflips good luck next race


hey i am your fan


And i have NASCAR INSIDE LINE THE GAME. I pick you all the time i play.


Always a true fan I’m 80 and love you because of the kind of person I think you are You made me a NASCAR fan


JGR and Carl Edwards are helping JAPAN destroy America…. Japan discriminates against all our products.. always have… always will..



Walt Blackstock

One thing I really admire about Carl is he has the courtesy to remove his sunglasses during an interview. It shows respect for the fans as well as the interviewer. Thanks Carl


i sure wish you had changed your car number in 2014 my husband went to your race in Pheonix last year and bought me a shirt with your number 99 as I’m a big fan. This year we spent the money again for the both of us to go back to Pheonix I had never seen a live race I’m glad I didn’t wear the 99 shirt as you had changed your number I guess I will just have to suck it up. But glad I finally saw you race.

Rachel Hubbard

I think all the drivers for JGR are extremely talented. And for the most part they are extremely likeable. Carl Edwards is my favorite NASCAR driver because he is a great driver, so focused and committed to his team and the sport. He is fun and energetic (backflips…c’mon who else in NASCAR would…or could do that) and everyone who meets him talks about how nice he is. Keep up the good work and let God guide you. The last thing I want to say is to all the ppl posting about Toyota not being American and destroying America, one of the largest Toyota manufacturing plants is actually in Georgetown, KY. I grew up about an hour from there and have several friends who work there. Lastly, if you are going to put ppl down for not buying American, look around your house and get rid of everything you have that wasn’t made in the USA first. You won’t have much left. Oh and by the way, if you are going to spew hateful, mean things, at least have the guts to put your whole (real) name. America has enough hate without you adding to it and I would prefer ppl be kind and keep the hatefulness to themselves, but if you can’t, at least take responsibility for your comments.

Rachel Hubbard

Fun fact: Chevrolet and Ford are also not 100% made in America.Chevy has manufacturing plants in Canada, Mexico and South Korea. Ford has even more plants overseas including Germany, India, Brazil and Mexico just to name a few.


Steve you are so dumb or uninformed. Camrys are built in good old USA. Ford Fusion. Built in Mexico workers paid five dollars a day.
Both company’s are stock company’s Any profits would go to stock holders.


Carl is the best in every way – driver, person, example! Keep up the great driving!


Carl you’re an awesome driver….I don’t care about the car…it’s all about you

Linda Compton

Saw Carl race at Bristol. TN. last Sat. First NASCAR race live. Drove 13 hours one way to get there. 13 hours home. He gave me thumbs up as he rode around the track in a black pick up. Totally worth it.

Mark Kuznof

We are all Cousin Carl fans. I love sports. It relieves of the stress of normal life. Carl has always been great to me and my boys. We have pictures to prove it. I don’t watch NASCAR to reinforce prejudices or politics. My question is why doesn’t Cousin Carl have the U.S. Flag or MO flag on his car? Why does he he have the Don’t tread on me flag instead? Just asking Coach Gibbs.


Where do you get crew chiefs for Edwards?
Homeless shelters
Local Bars
Unemployment lines
This call to not pit on this last caution is about as brainless as it can be.
This is not the first time for this and now he blew a tire.
Miscommunication my rear. You should know at least 3 laps ahead when you are pitting.
I hope you find him a brain before the chase or Carl can just run laps


To me Carl Edwards is number 1 in my book,The back flip is awesome, When Carl has to talk to the media,he always takes hes sun glasses off,which means you can tell the expression on his face,the others much be ashamed of them self…..#19 is the winning nimber,your awesome,I’ll keep pulling for you till the end.#19


Did anyone see NBCSN broadcast with the fastest lap and Carl was posted 300 mph?


Way to go Carl. Good luck going into the chase! Go toyoto! I had a toyota truck and the wife always fords and cheavy. Lol always she had engine lights and and problems. I wound up getting her a camery 1999 and got myself a 2009 chevy pick up. And nothing but headaches for me. One thing after another. Picked up 2 more chevy trucks lol no difference. Transmission brain boxes you name it. Yet the old toyota i sold is still going strong go figure. I get a 95 t100 sr5 and am trouble free 4 years now. Go figure. The metric system is so much tighter. And lets remember Japan and China are not the same by a long shot

Erin Dugan

Yay Carl!!! What an exciting race yesterday! What a come back! I was on the edge of my seat all evening, my husband wanted to change the channel when you went 2 laps down. Good thing he knew better than to try! I’ve watched you win at Las Vegas and Phoenix several times. What a thrill it is to be your fan!!! God bless y via con Dios amigo!

Erin Dugan

To Debbie… I have 3 Carl Edwards hats with 99 on them including my favorite black one sooo I just took a black marker and made the 99 a 19 and go merrily on my way. lol CARL, We had occasion to go into the office at PIR and the girls there said you are the nicest driver! “He always makes it a point to be polite to everyone at the track, not just the big shots” no surprise to me Carl, you rock!!!

Perry White

N ever thought Carl would jump ship and go junkota. Hope the money at traitor Joe Gibbs junk cars make you happy.

Mike Vaughan

I’ve met you Carl several times. I enjoy your stories, especially the fire starting story at Watkins Glen I think it was. Stay classy Carl. My best to your family.

Ulrike und Stefan Heidelberg / Germany

Hi Carl , my wife and I were at the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte .
Maybe your mechanic who tells the story . We have entertained us .
I said we’ll see you in Victory Lane . They laughed and said we will give everything .
That you have won the race , was so crazy .
Carlington was also world class .
We’ll keep our fingers crossed and wish you and your crew all the best ( Homestead -Victory Lane )
God bless you and your family and your team .
Your loyal fans
Ulrike and Stefan
Sandhausen ( Heidelberg ) / Germany


When will Carl Edwards have his website up?

Judy Achorn

My heart is broken. We can no longer watch Carl and Nascar races due to the fact we were sold out by NASCAR when they chose to broadcast on NBCSN!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for dumping the “little guys” who have supported you all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeffrey Wittler

Mr. Edwards,

Great to see you and the team gelling at the right time of the season. I had a very brief opportunity to see you speak at the SportsClips hospitality at Darlington and get your autograph on my Arris diecast. I’m looking forward to my first JGR FanFest in a couple weeks. . .and the following week, I get to experience my first race with cold passes at Kansas Speedway (looking forward to my first experience in watching you “in the office”) Best of luck the rest of the season….and best wishes to you and your family.

Diane Pereira

Hi Carl
I have been (I think your # 1 Fan) since you were sponsored by Vitamin Water. My Husband worked for Vitamin Water and we watched every race you raced in Sonoma, CA.
And I still go every year!
You are the best Driver around!
I was SO sad when you didn’t win the Championship, you REALLY DESERVED IT!
Let’s do it this year!
You are a TRUE GENTLEMAN Carl!
Mama raised you right!
Everyone likes it when you take off your sunglasses when you’re being interviewed!

I wish you would bring your children some day when you race!
I can only imagine how cute they are after the parents they have, but I understand if you want to keep them away from the cameras!
Go Get Em Carl!
You deserve the Championship!
We’re with you all the way!
Your Loyal Fan

Rick Bird

Tired of watching Joe Gibbs drivers in Xfinity races. Proves nothing. It’s like if Jim Harbaugh had brought Tom Brady, ‘Gronk’, and offensive line (his team) back to Ann Arbor yesterday to play the game against MSU. I know I don’t understand all the politics/commitments to sponsors, but, oh yes, I do: it’s all about money, for Joe Gibbs Racing. Shame on you, Joe Gibbs. Is this consistent with your Christian standards?

Nick J

Not sure if you get a chance to read this but you gained me as a fan Carl. After having that private meet and greet with you at Fan Fest really made my trip. I cant thank you enough. As much as Im a Gordon fan, im pulling for you after he retires. But go for that Championship that you deserve!

Scott Ramsdale

USA today is counting you out of making the final 4 next round. You and your team do not have the respect you earned. It would be awesome to see you keep digging and win the whole enchilada!! Blessings on the next 5 weeks.



Julie Yung


I have been a fan of yours since the very beginning. I got a great birthday gift this month with our KC Royals winning the World Series, and now I want an early Christmas gift of you winning the championship. Good luck Carl, and GO WIN IT ALL!

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