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Vote: Like NASCAR's New Point System?

NASCAR recently announced a new point system for all three of its major touring series. In the so-called “43-1″ format, race winners will earn 43 points, plus three bonus points for the victory. Winners also can earn an extra point for leading a lap and leading the most laps, bringing their total to a possible maximum of 48 points. All other drivers in a finishing order will be separated by one-point increments. A second-place finisher will earn 42 points, a third-place driver 41 points, and so on. A last-place finisher earns one point.

As far as the Chase is concerned, the top-10 in points after 26 races will be locked in. The 11th and 12th positions in the Chase will be awarded to drivers outside the top-10, but inside the top-20 with the most wins accumulated in the first 26 race.

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