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Denny Hamlin Receives Medical Clearance to Race in Martinsville

Joe Gibbs Racing driver Denny Hamlin will race this weekend at Martinsville Speedway after NASCAR received official confirmation from his doctors that he has been medically cleared to return to regular racing activities.

Hamlin first visited the infield care center at Auto Club Speedway Saturday night bothered with an irritation in his eye. He returned to the infield care center again on Sunday morning because his condition had worsened. It was at this time that it was determined by the medical team onsite that he would not be allowed to race due to a sinus infection that was impacting his vision. The doctors at the infield care center referred him to the local hospital for further evaluation.

During the evaluation at the hospital a small piece of metal was also found to be in Hamlin’s eye. Doctors were able to remove the sliver of metal and Hamlin felt immediate improvement to his condition. A CT Scan did not find any other complications and thus it is believed that the metal was actually the source of Hamlin’s vision issues. He was released from the hospital Sunday afternoon and was given the doctor’s approval to fly home.

Hamlin was then evaluated by a doctor in the Charlotte area on Monday and was sent home to rest. He was instructed to return Wednesday for a follow-up examination. Following today’s examination, his doctors provided the necessary approval for Hamlin to resume all racing activity without restriction. NASCAR has received official confirmation from his doctors clearing him to resume racing this weekend at Martinsville Speedway.



Denny, so glad you have been cleared to race and that the cause of your missing the race at Auto Club wasn’t any more serious then it was or long term. You (like Smoke) have had enough bad situations to deal with over the last year. Good luck Sunday, bring home a grandfather clock for Taylor !


Is there going to be another “If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough” speech from Coach like the stitches in the hand a few years back? Glad you’re back in the seat. Let’s “DELIVER” that W!


Glad you are cleared to race this weekend. Martinsville is one of our favorite races along with Bristol. So glad it was nothing more serious than a sliver of metal in your eye. You go Denny!!!


Having suffered through the same thing I know first hand what you went through, they had to drill mine out and the reason it was increasingly painfull and watering was that it was rusting otherwise they could have gotten it out with a magnet.
Get back to it old man, there’s backsides to kick!