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JGR & TRD Statements on NASCAR Penalty

Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) is aware of the penalty issued by NASCAR today regarding the engine in our No. 20 car used in last week’s Sprint Cup Series race in Kansas.

It is our understanding that one of the eight connecting rods on the engine was ruled too light.

We are working with our partners at TRD on this issue.

In the meantime we will plan to appeal the penalty.

Statement from TRD (Toyota Racing Development)

“During NASCAR’s routine post-race tear down of Matt Kenseth’s race-winning car and engine from Kansas Speedway, one of our engine connecting rods weighed in three grams under the legal minimum weight of 525 grams. None of the other seven connecting rods were found to be under the minimum weight. We take full responsibility for this issue with the engine used by the No. 20 Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) team this past Sunday in Kansas — JGR is not involved in the process of selecting parts or assembling the Cup Series engines. It was a simple oversight on TRD’s part and there was no intent to deceive, or to gain any type of competitive advantage. Toyota is a company that was built on integrity, and that remains one of the guiding principles of the company. The goal of TRD has always been — and will continue to be — to build high-performance engines that are reliable, durable and powerful, and within the guidelines established by NASCAR.”

Lee White
T.R.D., U.S.A. (Toyota Racing Development)



My condolences to JGR, Matt Kenseth and his team – I know it is terrible when someone you have to answer to (NASCAR) loses their collective minds. Of all the shenanigans pulled in the pits trying to get an edge, an errant underweight part that at most could have produced .000001% of an advantage (and you are more lucky that it didn’t break, or the engine wasn’t out of balance) results in a hugely disproportionate penalty. Obviously the bullies over at NASCAR have been feeling dissed lately and have taken the first opportunity to try and make an example of someone. Make the time fit the crime (if there even is one here) and knock those penalties down by 90%.

larry torgerson

enough is enough nascar is owned by one family that is totally unreasonable with their fines and rulings it is time for all the racing team owners to get together and form another league owned by all the teams and leave the czar like approach and the rediculous censorships placed by the current league family name it the stock car racing organization and fix
the communistic hitler approach that is now taking place

Randy Swingle

Can you imagine them doing this to Hendricks – Jeff Gordon or Dale Jr? What a farce.


Joe Gibbs is a man of integrity. My prayers and personal support are with Joe and JGR! God bless you as you continue to serve in His name.

From a friend in Sioux Falls

scott golen

I will start building engines for the 20 team in my garage I know they’ll last 500 miles