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Robert Nigh

Hi, my name is Robert Nigh. My dad and I have been huge fan since Toy stewart started droving for you guys. My Dad passed away 11 ago,I put a 1:24 scale die-castsof each eam in his dad had self esteem problems and so do I,he read coach gibbs book and he was doin better then he was diagnosed with cancer!I’m sorry, I was womdering why can’t we get the FLEX-FIT has like the teams, I LOVE HATS!!! I seen the brown M&Ms hats that kyles guys wear and I LOST it! A couple of years ago you guys sold the FLEX-FIT hats for each team, for instance you guys sold a m&ms hat with thelogo over to one side then we had options with a 18 on the side one with just kyles name on theback, so I saved up,I don’t make much money I would LOVE to go to a RACE but ita not possible anyways saved and went back here to order a couple o the FLEX-FIT brand kyle hats with logo on one side but, they were gone, I was DEVISTATED!! Is t

Robert Nigh

there anyway I could please please please get or purçhase one of those brown FLEX-FIT hats! I wosh you guys would start selling those FLEX-FIT hats like you used to with the m&ms logo on one side of the front exactly like you guys used to!! I have a lot of friends who are becoming kyle fans but they don’t like the colorful to much goin on hats,they want the simple FLEX-FIT hats so please plase please consider it! This is my lifè NASCAR and i,’m a hat freak. THANK YOU I’m Robert Nigh from INDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!