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Vote: Do you like the 2-car Draft?

In the Shootout at Daytona we saw a fairly new element to drafting in NASCAR – the two car draft. What were your thoughts on the action?

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Tom Hoffman

I love the JGR cars. They are alwaysin the front and drive with the old style racing. TOO WIN


I love the JGR cars too! Kyle’s my man, nobody’s better. He drives like Dale Sr.!!

Brian Bishop

I LIKE IT. It brings back the OLD SCHOOL of racing and it brings new challanges as to who do I draft with that gives me more speed and won’t wreck me. If you look back there was a lot of drafting and drivers were more respectable about equipment, not that they don’t respect the equipment now but back than drivers respected each other and the equipment more.


2 Car-Draft…Newman was happy with Hamlin behind him ’til the last turn, then the 39 wasn’t about to let him win the race…better know who will and who won’t work with you!!




Once you decide to push, you might as well resign yourself to the fact that you won’t win. You can’t get to the front because there are always two cars next to you and you can’t pass unless you go below the yellow line and you know where that will get you. I wish my driver, Kyle, could just race on his own and win the race because he’s a great driver and because he had a fast car, great pit stops, a great crew chief and crew.


i did not already vote as you said I did. However I liked the 2 car draft better then the mule train of the past.


I don’t like it. Daytona’s not the same!!!


What’s next, figure eight racing?! How about schoold busses with travel trailers. NASCAR seems determined to ruin real stockcar racing!!! And get the GRAPHICS GARBAGE off the screen so we can see the racing and the backgrounds. The old broadcasts with a coubpe of cameras was FAR superior. We got the feel of being there…now it’s little vignettes of cars close up with tons of garbage all over the screen!


Man that 2 car draft made an awesome Daytona race & finish


I found it very boring. I love Kyle Busch and didn’t get a chance to see him race like he can.


What does racing mean……one car races to beat the others……lets get going
with the “REAL” Raceing………May the best car & Driver win on his own!!