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Top Ten: Tricky NASCAR Pitroads

Few people understand the challenges behind pitting a NASCAR car. Our crews are specialized and speedy when it comes to changing tires, adding fuel, and making adjustments to the cars. If a 3,400-pound racecar barreling at you on pit road wasn’t tricky enough, our crews face unique challenges presented by the pit road configuration at each speedway. Remember, these people are skilled athletes who practice nearly every day to develop habits and techniques. When races are won and lost on pit road by tenths of a second, even the slightest change to the rhythm of a stop can have adverse effects.

So what are the 10 trickiest NASCAR pit roads? We asked our crew members just that. Let’s start with No.10 and see what they said:
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Meet Kenny Sapper: Rear Suspension Tech

Would you believe that a baking pan and a block of ice are two important tools used to work on NASCAR racecars? It’s true; just ask Kenny Sapper, the technician in charge of rear suspensions at Joe Gibbs Racing. Specifically, Kenny works on the rear-end housings that go into our Sprint Cup cars. He has been a team member for about 6 years and has celebrated 50 victories with JGR (at the time this article was written).
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