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Tony Stewart Surprise Guest at Media Day

Tony Stewart and Bobby Labonte surprised everyone in attendance (include owner Joe Gibbs) at the 2011 Media Day stop at Joe Gibbs Racing on Thursday. The event focused on commemorating Joe Gibbs Racing’s 20th Anniversary in NASCAR. At the end of the day, the stage was filled with JGR’s past Champions and current stable of drivers including Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, and Brian Scott. Dale Jarrett was unable to attend, but shared a video message for Joe and the audience.

What proved to be most enjoyable about the event (besides seeing JGR’s foundational members on stage together) were the insightful and sometimes hilarious stories shared between Joe, JD, Tony, and Bobby.

Joe Gibbs shared what was probably the funniest story of the afternoon when he recounted trying to track down Tony Stewart to recruit him as a driver.

“Trying to track Tony down was a nightmare. … I chased him from one side of the world to the other. I finally got together with [Tony’s manager] Harry Ranier, and he told me that he had two other partners and he told me how much cash it was going to take to get Tony out of his deal. So I go to meet Harry again later, and I like Harry a lot, I go to hand Harry the check and he says this to me [with a stern look]: “Are you sure you want to do this?”

The whole crowd broke into laughter at Gibbs’ story and then Tony jumped back in replying, “What a coincidence, I remember having to hand you a check for the same thing and you told me the same thing!”

After the laughter subsided Joe said it was one of the best deals ever made.

The friendly jabs didn’t stop there. Later on, a reporter asked Joe how he managed to take when he learned as a successful football coach and apply it to racing. Joe summed up his answer by saying “I’ve found that if you can be successful in football, you’ll be successful in racing, and visa versa.”

Kyle Busch interrupted for clarification, “So Coach, are you saying Joey Logano would make a good quarterback?”

“Yes, Joey could be a quarterback,” replied Joe.

“I was thinking linebacker,” said Joey.

But it was Denny Hamlin who got the last word. “I was thinking, more like a kicker.”

The memorable event kicked off what is sure to be an equally memorable 2011 NASCAR season.


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I think it was great that Tony & Bobby took the time. With they’re busy schedule’s To celebrate with coach Gibb’s

Joyce Slater

Congratulations to Joe Gibbs Racing on your 20th Anniversary, and may this be your year for the Sprint Cup Championship! No question about the talent!


haha. great article. this is why i love JGR. a great competetive team with alot of personality.


would have loved to be there i bit there was so many funny moments. joe gibbs needs to write this book so we can read it. love you all go denny, joey 2011

betti haynes

Gibbs racing is the best and I think is the most honest and respected owners their is no one can equal them. P.s. I think tony made a big mistake leaving Gibbs,but his loss. keep up the good work JD love you guys


It sure looks like everyone had a great time. The past, present and future in one room, now that’s a “racin deal” I would like to have seen live! My love of NASCAR started when Coach left the Redskins and started JGR so it’s an anniversary of sorts for me as well! This is the year JGR unseats the 48 car! This is Kyle’s year to win the Daytona 500 and I cannot wait to go to Daytona and see the car in all it’s glory at Daytona USA!! GO JGR and have a great year!!

wheat hewes

CONGRATS on 20 years you’re the best!!

wheat hewes

CONGRATS on 20 years you’re the best!! I think joey would be a good punter!

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