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Ethanol Brings Changes to NASCAR

By now, you’ve probably heard about NASCAR’s switch to Sunoco Green E15, a new 15-percent ethanol blend fuel made with corn grown in the United States. Starting at Daytona there are a few ethanol-related changes that will be implemented, the most noticeable of which being the green “American Ethanol” gas ports on all cars.
[singlepic id=56 w=320 h=240 float=left]NASCAR has also introduced new fuel cans for its three major series. In the past, the cars had a port in the rear of the car which allowed air in the fuel tank to escape more quickly, thus speeding up the refueling proccess. When the tank filled, excess fuel would spill from this port and was caught in a smaller can (called the “catch can”) that was held by a 7th pit crew member (called the “catch can man”). The new system eliminates this port and creates a completely closed system. Therefore, the new cans are a bit slower at emptying their fuel load into the cars, which will make pit stops slightly slower as well.[singlepic id=54 w=320 h=240 float=right]

With the catch can out of the picture, the pit crew is cut from 7 over-the-wall members to 6. This presents a new set of challenges for teams.  The catch can man was typically a taller individual who not only held the can, but made chassis adjustments with wrenches stuck into the rear window. Now, pit crews and their coaches are busy adapting to this new variable and trying to decide who on the crew will make the crucial chassis adjustments.

The teams that figure out the best plan of attack are sure to have a decided advantage early in the season.[singlepic id=55 w=320 h=240 float=none]


Dude Anderson

This is the problem here in America. Let’s look at this problem 1: technology replaces the American worker (pit crew has gone from 7 men over the wall to 6 men); second problem Ethanol as I see it is another. Ethanol in America is mostly create from corn, a crop plant that is essential to our food chain. With less corn on the market we have already seen an increase in the cost of breakfast and other corn based products. America has given up the farmland to be replaced by over-sized costly housing, we import as if we were an island more than we produce. Ask this question; “Has corn production increased in the last five plus years to handle the demand of Ethanol?”


@Dude, Maybe but I know a lot of Farmer’s in the Northeast whom want to grow Mass Corn but have held back because the lack of refineries close by. If the price holds more will plant this year letting it balance out. I don’t know about you but a dozen of corn this fall in NY was about 3.00′s which is pretty darn good.


I’m glad to hear that. I’m from South Jersey and many fields have either disappeared or been bought up by big agriculture firms and that’s like have big oil owning things.


Food is grown to be eaten. Gas is produced to be burned. Ethanol produces less HP than regular gas. I think it will hurt the performance of the race car. Its the green activists sticking their nose where it shouldn’t be. Ethanol and carburetors don’t mix.


james yes,#1 ethenol does produce less horse power and also uses more fuel too meaning, m ore pit stops meaning more excitement in the race . #2 indy cars have used ethenol for over 6 years now they have 3.5 litre engines which is roughly 210 cubic inches producing 750 minimum #3 ethanal is a replenishable source of fuel gasoline is not. #4 as you a viewer of nascar, had you not been told about the ethanol you would not be able to see hear or tell the differnce . finaly the one pit crew out of a job has give 3 or 4 more farmers more work to do not to mention the catch can man also has a nine to 5 job during the week besides his job with nascar team in closing ethenal is GOOD poeple jut dont understand it and whats new people are always afraid of no one mentioned anything 3 years ago when nascar took the lead out of the fuel.


i dont beleave u will see any drop in power,i havent run e15 ,but with e85 we have had mutch better results than fuel dont see any reson the 15 would run pour,and yes with carbs