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Top 5: NASCAR Team Vehicles (Other than Racecars)

When it comes to running a successful NASCAR team, there is a lot more to it than racing on Sunday. Even though our resources are focused on putting our racecars in victory lane, there are other vehicles in JGR’s arsenal that don’t get much airtime. Enjoy this list of important team vehicles (and their equally important drivers).

5. The Motorhome

This home away from home provides a place for team administrators to meet and relax during a race weekend. Tommy and Darlene drive the motorhome from race to race, prepare meals, and keep things running smoothly during the race weekend. The motorhome is equipped with a lounge area, TV, a small kitchen, refrigerator, bed, shower, seating, a table, and a station for radio scanners. Take a Video Tour of the motorhome…

4. Doosan Daewoo GC30P Forklift

Believe it or not, we bring in a fair amount of heavy freight through our shipping & receiving department. To get it into the shop and to the place it needs to be in the quickest and safest way, we rely on our Doosan forklifts.

3. The Haulers

The importance of this team vehicle goes without saying. Each hauler for our Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World East series teams logs tens of thousands of miles every season. Additionally, we have a testing hauler that often makes its way to the West Coast. At the track, our haulers carry nearly enough parts to build an entire racecar (in addition to the two carried in the upper level). The crew chief, engineers, and driver can work and relax in the lounge located at the front of the trailer. The hauler also acts as a place for the crew to store their uniforms and other essentials. During a race weekend, the hauler drivers will prepare meals for the team.

2. The SAAB’s – Team Planes

Why do we love the SAAB’s? Fuel-efficiency. These turbo-prop planes may not reach the speeds of a jet, but they save us a pretty penny when it comes to our annual fuel bill. Additionally, unlike jets, SAAB’s can land on shorter runways (which are often a lot closer to the speedways we are trying to get to). What’s more, they hold around 40 passengers comfortably and offer a typically smooth ride. Joe Gibbs Racing and Hendrick Motorsports operate the only remaining airplanes of this kind in the country.

1. “The Zamboni” Shop-floor Cleaner

The one thing people recognize when they visit our team headquarters is the cleanliness of the race shop. Garages are typically thought to be home to oil stains and metal shavings, but not this one. There are several benefits to a clean shop: it helps with organization, improves morale, and gives a professional appearance. Of course, keeping the shop this way is a team effort and is overseen by mangers. If there is one vehicle that plays an important part in providing pristine shop conditions it’s this zamboni-like floor polisher. It may not be the fastest thing on wheels at JGR and it might not have the most attractive body panels, but it sure does get the job done!


Matt B.

Interesting to see some of the other vehicles used by the drivers/teams. My particular favorite is the “Zamboni” floor cleaner.

Alex Z

I’m surprised to see JGR doesn’t have Toyota lift forklifts!